The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) has renewed its contract with Aramark to manage its statewide school foodservice program. The deal, first signed in 2007, is a five-year umbrella agreement (including renewals) pursuant to which Aramark and any participating district (districts are not required to participate in the statewide contract) execute a separate form contract developed by RIDE, beginning in the 2013-14 school year. However, the RIDE form contract also allows the company to create customized food service programs for participating districts based on their specific criteria in order to preserve preferences and provide flexibility to set meal pricing based on a district's unique needs.

"Aramark has been able to provide food services to Rhode Island schools at a competitive cost," comments Deborah Gist, Rhode Island Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education. "The Aramark team has worked with our school districts to maintain high standards for health and customer service and to implement our school-nutrition requirements."

"We are proud of our successful collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Education and are committed to delivering outstanding services that help the State's districts and students flourish," says Aramark Education President Dennis Maple. "As a valued partner, we recognize the importance of supporting the nutrition and well-being of Rhode Island's students while also helping the State manage its fiscal responsibilities."