Pizza is so punk rock. At least at Dimo’s Pizza in Chicago, where the author and the crew have built up a cult following for pizzas topped in “new and unthinkable ways.” Pies take on all kinds of alter-egos there, from BBQ Steak & Fries to Chicken ‘n Waffles to Thanksgiving Leftovers Pie to Jalapeno Pop ‘n Lock.

These recipes can be yours, although the author would prefer you don’t call this a cookbook, rather, “inspiration for your next party.” That party could definitely take the form of a late-night study finals week event or just a completely unexpected option for a pizza station.
The book starts off with a few pages about dough, but quickly veers into the Twilight Zone. Check out the Smack ‘n Cheese pizza, which combines mac ‘n cheese with jalapenos and chipotles in adobo. The French Onion Soup pie also looks like a winner. A walk on the wild side? Maybe. Good eating? Definitely.