They don't call them the 'Aggies' for nothing. UC Davis is one of the country's top agricultural schools, and while sustainability is certainly a trend on campuses across the country, a commitment to the land has been a tradition in this Northern Cali school for a long time.

That tradition was celebrated recently at UC Davis' 8th Annual Spring Farm to College, a celebration of local and sustainable food hosted on the Segundo Resident Area Lawn.

"Farm to College this year was one the best dining experiences I have ever had with the Dining Commons,” said Jonathan Tran, a senior UC Davis student. “All the different varieties of food were not only delicious but it was extremely humbling to learn that all the ingredients were locally sourced!"

Part of a series of resident dining theme meals during the academic year, Farm to College has a counterpart in the fall as well, to show new students resident dining's sustainability side. The springtime event focuses more on community resources, says Linda Adams, RD, director, sustainability and nutrition for UC Davis Dining Services.

It's a top priority for residential dining to purchase locally grown product based on a three-tier system: primary (50 mile radius from campus); secondary (100 mile radius from campus); and tertiary (250 mile radius from campus).

Featured farmers and local producers who participated in the event included Clover Stornetta, Country Natural Beef, Glaum Egg Ranch, Petaluma Poultry, Rue & Forsman Ranch, Kimberly Vineyards, Wo Chung Tofu, Capay Organic, Coke Farm, Miller Honey Farms and the UC Davis Student Farm.

"We sampled a variety of honeys including local sage, wildflower, and star thistle honey. We also sampled our signature creamy honey as well as our clover honey which is available on UC Davis campus," said Jason Miller, Vice President of Miller Honey Farms. "It was a great opportunity for students to interact with the farmers who grow the amazing foods provided by UC Davis Dining Services. We were happy to be a part of this great event."

And the food at the event was "outstanding," according to Dean Ken Burtis of the UC Davis Chancellor & Provost Office.

Entrees prepared by UC Davis Dining Services included Wild Oregon Shrimp Bruschetta, Un-Seafood "Shrimp" Appetizer, Beef Barbacoa, Seitan Fajitas, Cage-Free Egg Frittata, Summer Citrus Free-Range Chicken Salad, and Summer Citrus Tofu Salad. The ten-piece band Bomba Fried Rice provided the background music, and activities included a "Seasonal Produce Toss" game(!) with the UC Davis Farmers Market. Also on hand was the Aggie Reuse Store, which has the mission to divert materials from the landfill and to redistribute them at low cost for reuse or repurposing.