Like many Silicon Valley companies, eBay/PayPal employs a highly diverse workforce that includes many who prefer vegetarian and Indian cuisine. Consequently, the company’s Café 17 inhouse dining operation includes several concepts geared to these tastes.

They range from the Bombay Corner Grill and a Tandoor station to a Noodle Bar, a Wok station and an Asian Grill. Among other specialties, Café 17 features a made-to-order dosa menu (dosa is a South Indian cuisine incorporating a crepe made from rice batter and black lentils—and hence gluten-free—which is then filled with various sauces and vegetables) and a highly-regarded sushi bar.

Some examples of recent menu items included Hot Chili Uthappam, Curried Trout, and Rogan Gosht, all prepared in authentic fashion.

Project Team:

Bob Clark - Executive Chef
Michael Sundaram ­- Café Chef
Michael Greenberg - Café Manager
Lakpa Lama - Dosa Cook
Prem Singh - Naan Baker