Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC, has established a new division within its restaurant and food service unit, Piccadilly Emergency Services, which will allow the company to streamline efforts to conduct mass feedings during post-disaster situations. The unit can respond to any disaster in the United States and serve up to 100,000 meals in a single day. Its custom-built Piccadilly Emergency Kitchen component is mobile and enables food preparation, mobilization and the ability to serve thousands of meals quickly to victims of disaster.

“With our new Piccadilly Emergency Kitchen, the emergency food service team will be able to respond to disasters in any area of the country with fresh, high-quality meals that are prepared and served by our dedicated team members,” says Piccadilly Restaurants COO Chris Sanchez.

Piccadilly’s emergency feedings began in the aftermath of 2005’s Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The company mobilized 10,000 meals in a 24-hour period eventually serving over 100,000 meals to the victims of those two storms. Over the years, Piccadilly has provided over 500,000 emergency relief meals and has partnered with The American Red Cross, various state and local governments, as well as utility companies to provide emergency meals in disaster situations.

Piccadilly currently operates more than 60 commercial restaurant units and 80 onsite food service operations.