I'm not against getting kids healthy, but I like many other school foodservice people do not agree that it’s our lunches making kids overweight. Has anyone thought about our lack of exercise because of those “wonderful” computers, cell phones, etc.

Kids use to ride bikes and play at parks or just outside. We have offered a salad bar with many fruits and vegetables for a long time, but if kids don't like them, they won't eat them. The same goes for foods offered on our serving line.

With the new rules of having to take a fruit or a vegetable, we have more waste because they take the fruit and throw it away. If they don't eat it, they are not getting the health benefit either. We are a small school district trying to stay on the map as it is, so we should not be throwing our foodservice dollars in the garbage. Thank you for your time.

Ronda Daniels
Food Service Director
Ackley-Geneva-Wellsburg-Steamboat-Rock School District
Ackley, IA