The School Nutrition Association has launched an ambitious project designed to improve the alignment of its governance, programs and headquarters organizational structure in order to meet strategic priorities.

"We believe this project is a reflection of the commitment SNA’s leadership has to improving decision and work processes so that we can better respond to both current and anticipated opportunities and challenges," said a letter to the membership announcing the initiative. It was signed by SNA President Leah Schmidt, President-elect Julia Bauscher, Vice President Jean Ronnei and CEO Patricia Montague.

SNA had developed a strategic framework in December 2010 that organized key priorities into five “pillars.”

"We expect that this framework will continue to be a key element in the realignment project," the letter states. "But SNA has not reviewed or made any significant changes to its governance structure since the late Nineties! In addition, our programs, services and national staffing need to be assessed to ensure that the Association is appropriately positioned for future growth and success."

The Strategic Realignment project is being developed and managed with association and management consultant organization Tecker International, LLC, which was selected in a competitive review process. Last fall, a project team comprised of SNA officers, senior management and other key stakeholders met with Tecker representatives to establish a process and timeline for going forward.

The group’s first planning retreat will be held in January in conjunction with SNA’s School Nutrition Industry Conference in Miami.To learn more about the project, go to and click on “About SNA” to link to the Strategic Realignment page.