The Military Hospitality Alliance (MHA) has announced its 10th Military Culinary Competition winners. They were…

The Coast Guard Commander’s team receives their medals at the conclusion of the Military Hospitality Alliance 10th Annual Military Culinary Competition.
First Place: The Coast Guard Commandant’s Team: FSC Stephen Bishop, FSCS James Swenson, FSC Dustin Webb, FS1 Kevin Saiyasak.

Second Place: Secretary of the Navy EDF Blue Team: CS1 James Ferguson, CS2 Joseph Mariano, CS2 Michael Derry, CS2 Dion Yipon

Third Place: Mixed Team, USACAT Team: SFC Motavia Alston, FS2 Jason Rohrs, SPC Samantha Poe, SGT Sarah Deckert.

All three teams were also awarded a Silver metal from the American Culinary Federation, which sanctioned and judged the event. The competition took place outside of Marine Barracks in Washington, DC, on September 28th. More than 9,000 people attended.