YIELD: 12 servings

24 corn tortillas
12 cups refried black beans, warm
3 cups chorizo sausage, cooked, drained
12 cups infused-flavor Mexican rice, cooked, warm
24 eggs, cooked sunnyside up
2 ¼ cups ranchero salsa
1 ½ cups jalapeno Jack cheese, shredded
¾ cup cotija cheese, crumbled
12 sprigs, fresh cilantro

1. Deep fry corn tortillas in a preheated fryer at 350°F until crisp; drain.
2. For each serving, arrange 2 tortillas in center of heat-safe plate. Portion 1 cup refried black beans to side of tortillas, top with ¼ cup crumbled chorizo.
3. Spoon ½ cup rice over each tortilla; top each with 1 egg and 1 Tbsp. ranchero salsa. Sprinkle 2 Tbsps. shredded Jack cheese over tortillas. Heat in a preheated conventional oven at 400°F for 1 to 2 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and melted.
4. Remove from oven; top with 1 Tbsp. crumbled cotija cheese. Accompany with 2 Tbsps. additional ranchero salsa portioned in a ramekin. Garnish plate with fresh cilantro if desired.