Binghamton University's completely renovated University Marketplace dining venue has been nearly doubling the sales generated by the food court it replaced over the first month of its opening, says James Ruoff, general manager for Sodexo's operation at Binghamton, which includes University Marketplace.

Located in the school's student union complex, the venue features a dozen branded stations, including Red Mango, Pandini’s, Mein Bowl, SubConnection, Cafe Spice, The Diner (featuring local foods), Garden Toss, Wholly Habaneros, New York Street Deli and International, a breakfast and rotating lunch kiosk. There's also a c-store and a cafe serving Starbucks branded items. The cafe, though not all the stations, are open 24 hours on weekdays.

"Our transactions have been right in line with what we expected," Ruoff says. "We are currently serving over 25,000 customers each week in the first month of operations." He says the most popular stations have been Mein Bowl, Pandini’s, We Proudly Brew and the Diner.

"Our day parts have been interesting" he notes. "Once we get busy for lunch, there is not much of a break until 8:00 pm. The afternoon customer counts have been very steady until that time. We are seeing a drop off after this, but it was anticipated."

Ruoff says Sodexo plans to shift its overnight operations to a Cakes and Eggs station where students will be able to get breakfast food favorites overnight.

"We hope by doing this we will be able to increase our overnight business," he says. "We also expect to see increase demand during this time as the students get closer to end of the semester projects and exams."