William Lynott

It's Your Money 
SAVE IT: You're throwing away money if you overpay your quarterly income taxes. DON'T JUST SIT ON IT: Managing your nest egg wisely will result in more
7 Costly Management Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them 
NOT ALONE: Good managers know when to let go. ASK THE PROS: Good managers know when to get help from experts. WORK IT: Keeping money in an interest-free
Can't-Miss Marketing Strategies 
IMAGE IS KEY: It's essential to create a unique identity for your restaurant. CROSS-PROMO: Noncompeting local businesses can help bring you guests. Many
Is Desktop Banking for You? 
SAVINGS: Online bill management saves both time and money. CLICK: Your financial institution can help you consolidate payments. Every year, paper checks
Put Your Money To Work 
By William J. Lynott Never Idle: New technology encourages faster, simpler direct transfer of money. No Hurry: Waiting to pay bills will help your money
When Disaster Strikes 
BE PREPARED: This is not the time to think about how you'll protect your restaurant. BACKUP: Computer records and critical documents should be saved online
Last-Minute Tax-Saving Tips 
If youre inclined to let your accountant do all the worrying about your business and personal income taxes, you could be making a costly mistake. Your
Parting Company 
By Bill Lynott HEAVY LOAD: As a restaurateur you wear many hats, but financial planner is not one of them. As the busy owner of a successful restaurant,
A Cure for Your Insurance Ills 
By William Lynott The tax advantages of HSAs along with control over choice of doctors makes them appealing. Skeptics argue that the high-deductible policies
How Inflation Affects Your Restaurant 
BALANCING ACT: Shrewd operators know the importance of keeping their menu pirces in line with inflation. STICKER SHOCK: That $100 produce bill from 1983
When It's Time to Expand, Money Matters 
You may already be feeling it in your business. After a long period of less-than-robust growth, the economy is showing signs that its ready to climb out
How to Discharge an Employee & Stay out of Trouble Doing It 
Here's how to navigate the unpleasant, and sometimes risky process of terminating an employee. STRAIGHT TALK: As part of the hiring process, spell out
Hire the Right People and Stay Out of Trouble Doing It 
You have a job to fill in the restaurant, so you must interview the applicants and select the most promising ones. It appears to be a routine business

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