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Tara Fitzpatrick is senior editor of Food Management. She covers food, culinary and menu trends.

Shrimp and grits by Morrison Healthcare
16 new menu items to watch

Checking in with some of the most forward-thinking onsite culinary teams at midyear reveals some instances of perfect balance. We’re seeing hot trends and cool classics side by side on the menu, along with delicious choices both healthful and indulgent: the crispy, savory, crackling porky fattiness of porchetta stands in contrast with a fresh, zesty quinoa bowl. Shrimp and grits coexist with a carrot soufflé.

Surviving a social media scandal: Lessons from the mac ‘n cheese meltdown at UConn  3

It just wouldn’t go away. That was Director of Dining Services Dennis Pierce’s sinking feeling, day after day, as UConn Dining remained the white-hot focus of YouTube views, tweets, retweets, Facebook posts, late-night monologues and relentless media attention in the days and weeks following a student’s drunken confrontation with the dining staff over a dish of jalapeño-bacon mac ‘n cheese. 

3 quick bites: Don’t know jackfruit?
Every week, I compile a short list of food items on the Internet that made me hungry, curious, confused or all of the above.
Photo: National Pork Board
6 sensational sausage ideas and recipes 

From a traditional German breinwurst to a cult-favorite hot dog created in Phoenix and a burger topped with bacon-flavored sausage, the time is right to put some crackling good sausage dishes on your menu.

Limes and oranges
Stocking your Caribbean pantry
Keeping these items on hand will have you ready to serve the dishes of the Caribbean with confidence, cool and just the right amount of heat.
Jet Tila hosts senior dining food fight in LA

Celebrity chef Jet Tila brought the “Cutthroat Kitchen” brand of kitchen mayhem to Morrison Community Living’s 3rd Annual Food Fight Finals, a companywide cooking competition recently held in Los Angeles.

In case you haven’t seen “Cutthroat Kitchen” on TV, maddening sabotages, crazy costumes and plenty of trash talk are part of the game. 

Housemade sausage
DIY Sausage
Making pork sausage in house means control over ingredients and flavor profiles, not to mention bragging rights on your menu.
Caribbean Dream Cuisine
The soft ocean breezes mix with the sound of the steel drum and the dreamy scents of pork, plantains and whole fish on the grill. This summer, why not cruise the Caribbean’s best culinary traditions?
3 quick bites: Which American foods are poised for a comeback?
Every week, I compile a short list of food items on the Internet that made me hungry, curious, confused or all of the above.
TRADITIONAL FOODS: Now it's easier for hospitals and healthcare facilities in Al
Traditional Alaskan foods bring healing power to hospital menu

Geographically, Alaska is far removed from the rest of the country. But unfortunately, the 49th state is closer than ever to the standard American diet of processed junk food and soda. 

The rate of diabetes and other lifestyle-related chronic illnesses has skyrocketed over the last decade among Alaska Natives and American Indians, two populations served by NMS (NANA Management Services)

Midwestern chefs share seasonal menu inspirations

Living in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest can be paradoxical at times. Its greatest charm is also the source of its greatest annoyances: the seasons. 

Watch Midwesterners curse the elements as they scrape their windshields during a harsh, endless winter. Then watch them wander into the forest with a renewed sense of wonder every spring, hunting for morels to roast over an open fire. This love-hate relationship with the elements always comes with a silver lining: amazing local food. 

Get skewered pop-up at Zappos
Unusual skewered slider pop-up wows at Zappos 
A slider on a skewer? No one saw that coming.
3 quick bites: Comparing fast food portions around the world
Every week, I compile a short list of food items on the Internet that made me hungry, curious, confused or all of the above.
9 flavor-forward shellfish ideas to try 
Try these chef-tested tricks for oysters, shrimp and scallops and unleash a tidal wave of flavor.
Student demand brings dim sum from special event to menu addition 
Serving a selection of delicious Chinese dumplings and snacks on rolling carts catches on big time at Kennesaw State University.

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