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Joanna Lefebvre (DeChellis) is a former editorial staff editor and current freelance contributor to Food Management.

Nobody Knows the Truffles I've Seen 
BC's Milk Chocolate Fondue Fountain Simon Stevenson Pastry Chef/bakeshop Manager University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA "Chocolate has a universal appeal
Chocolate Barbecue Beef Medaliallions 
1 /2 cup balsamic vinegar 3 /4 cup +3 Tbsp.chocolate syrup 2 1 /4 cup bbQ sauce 2 lbs.beef petite tenders 1 /4 cup pure olive oil salt and pepper,to taste
Where Does Pop Stop and Soda Begin? 
POP? SODA? TONIC? COKE? DOPE? YOU DECIDE. The Northern and Midland states say "pop" most of the Sounthern states from Texas to much of florida use the
Disney Does Wellness Too 
Last October, the Walt Disney Co.'s domestic park and resort group replaced french fries with unsweetened applesauce, baby carrots or fresh fruit. They
Do the Rice Thing 
Raul Lacara Executive Chef Stanford University Stanford, CA "Black forbidden rice' is a type of rice primarily used in Southeast Asian, Thai, and Indonesian
LATIN Menu Theme Ideas 
Fiesta BowlCelebrate next year's Bowl Championship Series bowl game with a Latin fiesta! Serve traditional Latin street foods like ceviche (marinated
Making Nutrition a Business Proposition 
LINKS Disney Does Wellness Too Look at What They're Doing! Whole grains and veggies are finally beginning to trump transfats and fructoseat least in some
Latin Lovers 
SEA-NIC VIEWS. With thousands of miles of coastal waters, South America boasts a bountiful fishing industry. From the mild flavors of the Spanish Caribbean,
Frizzly Pear Salad 
Yield: 24 servings Pear Balsamic vinaigrette (1 qt.) 2 cups oil,olive 1 cup pear liquid 1 cup vinegar,balsamic 2 Tbsps.salt,kosher 1 Tbsp.pepper,black,cracked
A Class Act 
(Top, l. to r.) Stan Babula, Purchasing & Facilities Mgr.; Heidi Brousseau, Dining Hall Mgr.; Randy Robichaud, Sous Chef; Patrick Brideau, Exec. Chef;
Bearing Sweet Fruit 
Vito Buscemi Culinary Manager Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services Buffalo, NY "With the transient traffic in an airport, we make freshness
Get Em to Eat their Veggies... 
Looking to steering students toward fruits and vegetables? The Produce for Better Health Foundation has developed two colorful guides that might help.
Fruited Couscous Salad 
Yield: 8 servings cup water 3 /4 cup pineapple juice 1 cup uncooked whole-wheat couscous papaya,seeded and diced mango,seeded and diced 1 orange,segmented
Valentine s Day...Muah! 
You wont be starting a dating service on Feb.14th, but you can certainly fan the flames with a couples only menu full of perfectly paired items like:
Retail Rookie of the Year 
Beth Bauters: "My internship was like a ten month interview!" Beth Bauters first appeared on the onsite foodservice "scene" in 2003. We met Bauters at

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