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Food Management

Diane Ridge is a former staff food editor and current freelance contributor to Food Management.

Ground for Perfection 
As a menu staple, ground beef is economical, versatile and satisfying. Use ethnic upgrades, flavor enhancements and unique presentations to give it added appeal.
Wokkin Beef Fried Rice 
YIELD: 100 servings 14 lbs. ground beef crumbles, defrosted 1½ cups vegetable oil 5½ lbs. red bell peppers, chopped (4¾ qts.)
Ground Turkey & Chicken 
Ground turkey, particularly in the form of burgers, seems to have taken a permanent place on many food service menus. The lean profile appeals to customers
Texican Mac & Cheese 
YIELD: 12 servings 3 lbs. taco filling (Tyson #102079-928) cup roasted tomato salsa, commercially prepared 1 tbsp. Spanish paprika, ground 1 tsp. cumin,
Szechuan Turkey Chili 
YIELD: 8 servings 1 lbs. ground turkey 1 tsp. canola oil cup red bell pepper, diced cup green bell pepper, diced 1 cup yellow onion, diced 1 Tbsp. garlic,
Ground Beef 
It Seems Chefs can't Go Too Far when enhancing ground beef whether adding herbs and spices to the meat or offering unusual or decadent toppings to burgers.
Deep-Dish Turkey Sausage and Poblano Quiche 
YIELD: 8 servings 1 unbaked pastry shell (pate brise to fit 10" 3" quiche pan) Egg custard: 5 large eggs, beaten 2 cups half and half cream 1 tsps. each
Ground Lamb 
Ground lamb, an essential recipe component in many areas of the Middle East and Mediterranean, can be used in many recipes that call for ground beef.
YIELD: 2 dozen 2 Tbsps. olive oil 1 small onion, finely chopped 1 leek, chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 2 lbs. ground beef 2 tsps. ground cumin 2 tsps.
Build a Better Burger 
Consumers have had a love affair with the burger since it was first invented in the 1800s, says David Zino, executive chef at NCBA. Even though burgers
market basket 
MolliCoolz Rocks frozen fruit juice and yogurt beads are available exclusively to schools. This cool new product is just 50 calories per 3-ounce serving
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Pioneer Griddle Mixes from C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc. offer custom-blended pancake and waffle mixes made with real buttermilk solids and distinctive vanilla
merchandising aids 
Hershey's Food Service has developed 10 new recipes featuring the flavors of the fall baking season. This year's recipes include unique chocolate applications,
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Made with whole grain bread and vegetables, Uncle Ben's new Savory Herb Stuffing Mix with Whole Grains, from Mars Foodservices, has a bolder taste and
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Tyson Fully Cooked Charbroiled Beef Burgers are fully cooked for the ultimate in food safety, while the authentic handmade appearance gives the perception

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